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2017 APOTS 陳建仁副總統 開幕式致詞
大會主席社團法人臺灣職能治療學會張(玲慧)理事長、周(映君)主委、吳(菁宜)教授;長庚大學包(家駒)校長、APOTRG會長Patrick Ker、世界職能治療師聯盟會長Marilyn Pattison、WFOT標準與品質部蔡(宜蓉)部長、衛生福利部陳(時中)部長,現場各位貴賓,大家好!
個人在擔任副總統之前,過去經常有機會以世界衛生組織流行病學專家的身分,協助各國處理疾病預防、環境病原控制,並為弱勢人民倡議的國際健康及人道工作,與在場各位職能治療師在預防及延緩失能、環境改造、失能者人權倡議、職能正義(occupational justice)實踐的專業作為,具有異曲同工的效果,都是在為人類的健康福祉做出奉獻。

Chairperson President of Taiwan Occupational Therapy Association, Dr Ling Hui Chang; Chairperson Ying Jun Chou,Chairperson Professor JingYi Wu; Principal of Chang Gung University, Dr Jia Ju Bao; President of Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Regional Group, Mr. Patrick Ker; President of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, Marilyn Pattison; WFOT program coordinator, Dr Athena Yijung Tsai; Minister of Health and Welfare, Dr ShiChong Chen; Deputy Director of Directorate General of Highways, Mr. YunGui Huang and all our distinguished guests: 
On behalf of Taiwan ROC government, it’s my pleasure to welcome you all to the 1st Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Symposium organized by Taiwan Occupational Therapy Association and Chang Gung University. With the rapid aging of the population and diversification of diseases, occupational therapists are playing an essential role in prevention of disability, provision of rehabilitation, development of assistive technology and empowerment of life participation.  On the other hand, the unique demographic and health issues that we encounter here in the Asia Pacific region require us to take the Asian wisdom and combine them with perspectives from all over the world to in order to manage them effectively. This Symposium, the APOTS, provides an excellent platform to share wisdom and develop body of knowledge which, I am sure, will generate valuable solutions and technological breakthrough in health promotion.
Before assuming my current position as the vice president of this country, I used to work as an epidemiologist with WHO for many years assisting other countries in disease prevention, environmental health, and advocacy of humanity for the underprivileged groups, which is in line with your work as occupational therapists in disability prevention, environmental modification and advocacy of occupational justice and human rights. During my career in university and the Minister of Department of Health, I had worked collaboratively with many domestic OT experts and faculty of Chang Gung University and really value the team work experience. I am honored to be here to celebrate the launch of APOTS with my dear colleagues and old friends. 
Long-term care 2.0 is the current major health and welfare policies of our nation. Occupational therapists play a crucial role in healthcare system, especially in disability prevention, community rehabilitation, assistive technology development, barrier-free environment design, dementia services and policy making. Each country in the Asia Pacific region holds its own expertise and precious experience in long term care system, I believe through APOTS you will share with and learn from each other and make valuable contribution to health service in the future. 
Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to recognize the endeavor of Taiwan Occupational Therapy Association for its achievement in the World Federation of Occupational Therapists and in the Asia Pacific Regional Group throughout the years. Taiwan is capable and enthusiastic in making contribution to the global community and is willing to work hand-in-hand with other countries in health issues. Both Taiwan Occupational Therapy Association and I are vivid examples of Taiwanese citizen’s engagement in global citizenship. Many of you have witnessed our effort in participating in the international community. In far and near, I would like to ask for your ongoing support for Taiwan to continue work hand in hand with you in overcoming the challenges of global health related affairs. Also, I wish the conference a success and all of you a rich harvest.